Super Blue Blood Moon Cleanse Time...

January 25, 2018

Super Blue Blood Moon Cleanse Time...

I am here at the Tucson Gem Show...
Yet again feeling outrageously grateful for the beauty and love of our earth.

It is my first time out of Santa Barbara
since the fires began almost two months ago... 
it feels like so much longer with how intense life has been. 
My nervous system is unwinding,
the people and the stones as beautiful and welcoming as ever.

It is a very opportune time with the super blue blood moon
on January 31st to cleanse our stones! 

Those of us in Ojai, Ventura, Carpinteria, Santa Barabara &
Montecito areas especially,
but from what I hear 2017 was traumatic for so many.

Get those pendants out!
Leave them in a bowl of salt water 
or wrap the cord around a rosemary bush
and leave them in the light of the moon.
Use sage, copal or palo santo to smudge them.
A little of your favorite essential oil to anoint them.

Go into the studio and have them restrung with a fresh cord.
Set your intentions for the year ahead and ally with those beauties, 
 your stones are there for you.

Let me know if you have requests from the Gem Show
the best way is to email me
Holding my sweet community from afar and LOVING you!

With So Much Love, The door is Open.

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