August 31, 2017


Taking lessons from dolphins... ūüź¨

@wildquest @atmoji

 Photo by @Atmoji @wildquest

Holy heatwave...
I could hardly sleep for all the hot dry wind last night,
so grateful that we do not have fires in our mountains.

I awoke with an ache in my heart for the people of Houston,
Southeast Asia and India whose homes have been devastated,
who are simply grateful to be alive today,
and whose challenges have only just begun as they move forward into life after a flood.
If you want to know how you can help...
a shout out to our local Direct Relief International. 

Puts everything into perspective, doesn't it?

I feel extremely grateful and blessed to have just returned
from the magical experience of dancing with wild dolphins.
A friend gifted me a trip to Wildquest in Bimini, a small island in the Bahamas and
like all the experiences life has offered me this year...
it has shaken the very ground upon which I stand.

These beings exude an intelligence and presence that is mind blowing.
And since being in proximity with these exceptional creatures,
a whole new dimension has been added to
this alchemical and foundational life transformation, I find myself in and
which appears to be a pervasive theme for many at this time.

My guidance says to slow down and trust.
Love and care for yourself, share what you can with others.
Believe in miracles.
And take lessons from dolphins ūüź¨

with so much love...
looking forward to playing with you at the show this Saturday


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