February 23, 2017


The Adventure Launches!


Before I left for the Tucson Gem Show I shared that I had exciting news...
Then, last week I shared that after 20 years of dreaming of some day,
that some day is NOW
For my 50th birthday on April 16th
I will be a Pilgrim on The Camino Santiago de Compostela!

Well today, 
I am so excited to share with you (and truth is a little nervous)
How this is going happen.
The first step on my EPIC journey to ask for your support.

 This is THE LAUNCH of my Campaign

A Stone Carver's Pilgrimage
Seeding Crystals on The Camino... A modern day Pilgrim on an Ancient Quest.

The whole story is on 
So please come play with me!
Follow the link,
Watch the video,
Peruse the Perks
I can't do it without you ❤️

I hope you find this is a FUN way for you,
The beloved 
to play with me as I embark on this EPIC journey.

Feel free to share this with others if you are called 

Thank you so much for your support!

Love is here. The door is open...

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