May 31, 2018


The Beauty of Being...

Black Tourmaline Pendant

Black Tourmaline

~ Stone Story ~
Calming of my thoughts and smoothing of my field... 
Your presence steadies me and helps me to fully inhabit the space. 
There is a way in which you help me feel full and sure... 
that allows negativity to simply roll off with nothing to stick to.
Centering, grounding and protecting.



To witness the ways you are learning
to allow all of you to inhabit your body and  
your life.

The precious and heartbreakingly human way
 you are collecting and excepting
all those unloved parts and pieces...
gathering them for reunion, re-membering 
to truly care for all of you.

The tenuous yet determined discovery
of what it is that you really want, 
what really lights you up.
What is your desire? 

Your playful, irreverent and fierce loving.

All these profound and mundane
movements toward wholeness...

They are beautiful.
You are beautiful.

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