October 05, 2017


The Moon, Truth and Creativity

The full moon in Aries is shinning down upon us…
AND there is so much heaviness and grief happening. 

A potent time for declaring to the moon our Truth,
as clearly as we can define it
and rededicate to living from the inside out.

Last night I watched a group of courageous women share
stories, poems and dance at the Center Stage theater. 
Each piece poignant and moving.
I left feeling inspired and in awe of creativity. 
Of its power to connect, open, heal and transcend.
I feel inspired to bring more of myself
and to encourage and create space for you to bring more of you. 

We all need more practice and encouragement
finding, voicing and standing in our Truth.
“Braving the Wilderness” and finding each other out there. 
With So Much Love, 


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