The power of sexual energy...

July 20, 2017

The power of sexual energy...


(Sculpture along The Camino in Castro-Urdiales, Spain)


Sexual energy....  a powerful force of nature. 

One of the perspective shifts I experienced while being out of the USA,
was the ability to see clearly how puritanical the USA is as a country.
How the suppression of, and lack of healthy expression of, powerful innate sexually energy, comes to the surface in in more subversive ways.

The very acknowledgement of the power of sexual energy is largely ignored, played down and villianized.
We are taught from a young age that if we are “good” we should be able to overcome natural sexual energies, when all around us is proof that even the most pious and devoted people on our planet fail at this regularly. 

It is a powerful and interesting time to be a conscious woman.
Historically women have more freedom now than ever before, especially in the west.
We are collectively waking up to the power of our sexuality
and how important it is to our health individually and as communities. 

We are learning to understand and respect it for the powerful God given gift that it is and unravel some of the cultural distortions for our children.
Luckily there are more teachers than ever emerging to offer accessible non denominational teachings. 

It is yet just another reason why we truly need each other as sisters.
To converse openly about the subjects that have previously been left as tabu.
To bring feelings of shame to the light and to understand how to handle the inner critic, who's volume has a tendency to go up with “tabu” topics. 

I am excited to explore this and all conversations that open our minds and hearts together.

With so much love!


Some people and resources I think are significantly impacting this conversation.

Please feel free to share resources that you have found in the comments below.

My long time teacher Margot Anand 
Website Exploring the science of Women's pleasure
Esther Perel - Expert on relationship and sexuality
Our very own Lisa Citore is offering  Women's sexual mystery schools 
The emergence of One Taste as a meditation practice


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