March 15, 2018


The Practice

Grossular Garnet Pendant
I started writing a newsletter before email was a thing.

I printed, stamped and snail-mailed copies of “The Rock and Roll Report” 

quarterly in 2000. 

The first one was this “Channeled” message from the “deva” of Blue Opal.

The Moment I closed my eyes I was in the ocean and looked to my right and the Deva of Blue Opal was there beside me in the form of a dolphin.

There was a playful, exciting and expectant energy.

I asked
“where will you take me?”

The Deva said

“I will take you to the depth of your hearts deepest treasure…. 

But, you must have faith that you can breathe, where you have been taught that you cannot.”

I felt complete trust and willingness, but felt compelled to ask…

“Will you stay with me, will you not abandon me?”

The Deva said

“The only one who can EVER abandon you is yourself”

The understanding of that seeped in, and I felt completely at peace.

Such a simple yet profound teaching from our Blue Opal friend.


I put the words channeled and deva in quotations
because at the time, even though I knew what channeling was
I didn't really get that that was what I was up to.
I borrowed the word deva from a Hindu book I was reading,
the closest thing I had to describe my experience.


I laid down on the floor of my studio,
which at the time was a shack I had built out of driftwood
and Visqueen plastic in the backyard,
I held the stone in my left,
placed a pen in my right propped over a sheet of paper
closed my eyes and wrote.

The practice of These Musings started
when I moved into my studio Down near the beach
and started writing on the computer.

Every Thursday I challenged myself to wake up,
write something authentic I would enjoy getting in my inbox and push send.
Often there were glaring typos…
like the one I had only two weeks ago in the subject line 😱

The idea was for it to stay “real” and to be beautiful.
A picture of a beautiful stone in nature...
a transmission of the love that is in the earth.  

To remind us that love is literally ALL around us….

Every moment of every day.

This is still my practice. 

With Love, The Door is Open

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