August 03, 2017


To Circle with Women

In a sacred circle of women, I heard myself say,
that I felt as if my interaction with life was careening…
A bit out of control, listing.

But as I gave this revelation more context and compassion 
it became obvious I am in the throws of
the planned and desired course correction

that I put into motion with my Camino across Spain.

But the point is until I said this in circle 
I hadn't realized I had been walking around with
a gripping feeling that I might crash at any moment. 
Discovering this feeling consciously,
led to giving myself a wider energetic road
to accommodate my need to discover new lanes of travel.

But the truly important part of this... is having a group of women to discover with.

When it is my turn to speak in the circle, my words have no agenda.
I am simply allowing what IS,
what is present right then,
to bubble to the surface and have its voice?

And I find that when I do this,
I often hear myself say revelatory things. 

Sentences that stay with me for days,
as they move through my life informing me. 

Creating room for this sacred space takes dedication and commitment. 
Whether it is in a women's circle, a writing practice or movement practice.

It requires knowing how to and being dedicated to,
pressing the pause button... 

to move from doing present BEing. 

I have been playing with how to hold
this dedication and commitment without rigidity.

Without the strong arming,
that for me inevitably leads to a rebellious backlash.

To create a structure for non-structure.  

 If you have ever had the experience of consistently
sharing Council with amazing women,
you know how crazy good it is...

If you haven't, get busy inviting a dream team of women 
you would want to share more life with and create it!

You will be ecstatic that you did. 
It can take some time and clarity to deepen,
but it is beyond worth it. 



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