May 10, 2018


You Are Not Alone...

Moldavite pendant

~Stone Story for Moldavite~

Oh, sweet and transformational Moldavite.
Diving into your liquid green world
I am soothed and activated at the same time.

I know that your teaching
will challenge the very foundation of what I think is real.

And yet,
I yearn for the truth you can show me.
Ally, alchemist, activator.



Dear one,
Where are you on your journey?

What you are up to... is no small exploration!

You are diving into the 
knowing of yourself.

The journey that annihilates "you" and sets YOU free.

Dear one,
You are not alone.
It sometimes can feel lonely...
Since this is a journey you alone can take.

But you are not alone.

There are many of us in this river of exploration,
riding the currents and navigating the rapids.

Letting out a shout of joy,
or a moan of desperation.

We are all here


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